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Why A Baby Shower Is Important For All Your Children

I finally got my pics printed off my digital devices for my third baby (she's almost 2) and pulled out her baby book to finish entering the information and add pictures. It was then that I realized I had nothing to put on the pages regarding the baby shower so I will be covering the cute pre-written sayings up with pics and gluing them down. I referred to my second born's baby book to see what I had done there, (it was many years ago now) and realized that not only were those pages were blank as well, but I will definitely have to make some stuff up as well. Actually I realized it was much worse than that as...

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Why is My Child Screaming like a Banshee?

Pic provided by Our sweet little girl has entered the screaming phase.  She is amazing and adorable until she opens her mouth then not so much.  We have been trying to deal with it in two ways. Either ignoring it or asking her to speak in her quiet voice using our whisper voice so she can hopefully understand what "the quiet voice" is. In the grocery store, I try to make eye contact with other shoppers who are near and smile apologetically. On the Saturday of the may long weekend, we were travelling a ways out of town.  About half and hour from our destination, Kate started her screaming.  (She probably felt she was in the car exactly long enough.)...

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Baby Is Sick Or Just Teething

Most moms have wondered if their baby is sick or just teething.  I decided that when I have a question about my 1 year old that I need to look into, I would write a little blurb about it. Our little girl is teething and it's giving her a run for her money (and me too). Sometimes, it's hard to tell when a baby is getting sick or just teething -which reminds me of the allergy commercial-just allergies?   Common teething symptoms that are not usually mistaken for illness is:  (Get ready there are alot #poorbabies!)  *Deep breath like Ace Ventura*  decreased appetite for solids, biting, drooling, gum rubbing, irritability, face rash, sucking, wakefulness and the delightful biting! Here is...

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