Why A Baby Shower Is Important For All Your Children

I finally got my pics printed off my digital devices for my third baby (she's almost 2) and pulled out her baby book to finish entering the information and add pictures. It was then that I realized I had nothing to put on the pages regarding the baby shower so I will be covering the cute pre-written sayings up with pics and gluing them down. I referred to my second born's baby book to see what I had done there, (it was many years ago now) and realized that not only were those pages were blank as well, but I will definitely have to make some stuff up as well. Actually I realized it was much worse than that as I could not find even 1 baby pic of him and it got me scrambling into the garage to blow the dust off of our old computer, plug it in and retrieve the baby pics there before they were lost forever.

This also opened my eyes to a common oversight. 


I thought we could help others a little with this particular oversight as our gifts are perfect for any family having a second child and the oversight is why we decided to gear our site towards them.  I think that all kids could benefit from having a baby shower/sprinkle...or Sip and See as it is known for a middle child. Helps with the feeling of being just one in a line where the head and tail are the special ones like on a snake.

Oldest, middle and youngest siblings on a chair


As no child should be left out, you can take certain actions to try and help your middle child know he or she is an important member of the family. Putting on a baby shower for your second child is a good way of doing this.  If you don't feel comfortable letting your friends put on a shower for you because you have it all from your first, put it on yourself.  It is technically the first birthday a child will have. The special day is no longer geared towards what you may need for the new baby but geared specifically to the new baby, and a mom and creating memories.  Meeting, cooing over and celebrating the new precious life as well as giving the new mom of at least two your love and support is more the focus of the second and subsequent baby showers or sprinkles.  And getting the pics to fill out his baby book is bonus. If I could do it again, I would absolutely have the little get together for him because he is not less than my first baby or my third baby but he may feel like it. 


Because the products on our site are made with the baby essentials, a new mom would need them (and a new baby would use them) which makes them perfect to congratulate someone (or you) on the birth of their (or your) second baby" whether it's the second, third, fourth or...  They add to the pictures that will be taken of the shower as well as being thoughtful so once the pics are over don't feel bad at tearing into them.  They have served their special purpose being immortalized in the baby book on the baby shower page.

Our kids were really spaced out so we could have had full blown baby showers for each of them. The oldest was born in 1999, the second was born in 2007 and our third, was born in 2014.  With the  wide spread, it was like having three first born kids but even so our middle wasn't spared the angst of being the middle kid. As we all know everyone having a baby could use a hand with the little and large expenses of it. Diapers are expensive lol!! This makes one of our diaper cakes particularly thoughtful for a sprinkle.

Here are 5 of our top second baby gift ideas:

Baby Octopus

octopus made from baby stuff


  • Hooded Towel
  • 2-Receiving Blankets
  • Hat
  • 2-Changing Pads
  • 4-pairs of socks
  • tulle gift wrapping (not shown)

 Stork Delivers Baby Diaper Cake

Stork Diaper Cake yellow

  • 54 newborn sized disposable diapers
  • 30" x 30" Hooded terry towel
  • 30" x 30" flannel receiving blanket
  • full size terry bib with stork design embroidery (as shown)
  • plush bear toy
  • infant cap
  • elegant silver lined tray
  • gift wrapping

Deluxe Lollipop Diaper Cake

Diaper cake the looks like lollipops


  • 13 size 1-2 diapers
  • 6 size 3 diapers
  • 5 size 4 diapers
  • 100% cotton receiving blanket
  • 100% cotton onesie
  • 100% cotton hat
  • 6 washcloths
  • Bib with "Sweet as Candy" embroidery (not shown)

Diaper Cake Delight


  • 152 newborn diapers
  • 1 corsage made from newborn socks for the new mom to wear
  • 4 cute cupie dolls for when baby is a little bigger
  • Ribbon and Tulle for the finishing touch

 Gentle Giraffe Diaper Cake

  • a hooded towel
  • baby blanket
  • bib
  • burp pad
  • onesie
  • baby blanket
  • booties
  • terry toy
  • 12 newborn sized diapers


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