5 Ways To Tell If Your Baby Is Sick Or Just Teething

Most moms have wondered if their baby is sick or just teething.  I decided that when I have a question about my 1 year old that I need to look into, I would write a little blurb about it.

Our little girl is teething and it's giving her a run for her money (and me too). Sometimes, it's hard to tell when a baby is getting sick or just teething -which reminds me of the allergy commercial-just allergies?  

Common teething symptoms that are not usually mistaken for illness is:  (Get ready there are alot #poorbabies!)  *Deep breath like Ace Ventura*  decreased appetite for solids, biting, drooling, gum rubbing, irritability, face rash, sucking, wakefulness and the delightful biting!

Here is a little clarity about when to worry.  

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1)  Teething mucus is clear and does not run out the nose in the delightful number 11 we know so well.  It just fills the nose and lies in wait for your little angel to swipe at it   creating the signature streak up the hand.  (also good for blowing bubbles...Yikes!).  Cold mucus is green or yellow and running.

2)  Teething will rarely cause a fever higher than 101 F (or 38.3 C) whereas, a low grade fever is common though any fever lasting more than 24 hours should be looked at if your baby is not behaving like themselves.  (difficult to arouse or is not drinking enough.)

3)  Teething may be confused with an earache because the baby will pull at his or her ears mistaking the pain coming from their teeth to pain coming from their ears.  With an ear infection, aside from ear pulling, the pain increases when they lay down, fever is generally present and the mucus is green.

4)  Diarrhea is not associated with teething and neither is peeing less.  If your baby has these symptoms, it's time for a doctor's visit.

5)  Lastly, a baby doesn't get progressively sicker with teething -she or he is the same level of miserable the whole time!  It usually lasts for about 8 days, 4 before the day, it comes through and 3 after :-)

When in doubt, if uncomfortable with your child's symptoms, call your doctor or take your baby in for that quick check-up.  


Thanks to Dr Sears and Web MD for the info

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