Why is My Child Screaming like a Banshee?

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Our sweet little girl has entered the screaming phase.  She is amazing and adorable until she opens her mouth then not so much.  We have been trying to deal with it in two ways. Either ignoring it or asking her to speak in her quiet voice using our whisper voice so she can hopefully understand what "the quiet voice" is. In the grocery store, I try to make eye contact with other shoppers who are near and smile apologetically.

On the Saturday of the may long weekend, we were travelling a ways out of town.  About half and hour from our destination, Kate started her screaming.  (She probably felt she was in the car exactly long enough.)  10 minutes later, my older boys, 15 and 7 years were about ready to do ANYTHING to make it stop!  They were loosing it so badly I had to stop to walk her around the car.  At the end of the weekend, when we had to head back, they didn't want to come back with her so they came back into town with their Dad-who went out a day early to get some errands done.

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After "the long weekend incident", I knew it was time for a little research into what else we could do as the boys were never screamers.

Here are some reasons your toddler may be screaming:

1) She's exploring the sound of her voice and what she can do with it.

2) Some toddlers scream when they want attention. (which would explain why Kate screams like all the time lol)

3) Others because they can't have something.

Screaming at your toddler to lower her voice will not work...only reinforce the "whoever is loudest wins" mentality.  Our best bet is to avoid situations that temp your toddler to scream and when she does just divert her attention.  We have definitely got our work cut out for us.

To help you do this, here are some ideas:

1) Run your errands when your toddler is well rested and fed.  

2) Take cheerios or some other healthy treat for a snack...works well as a distraction.

3) Take your toddler out to kid friendly places whenever possible.  

4)  Be prepared to cut your losses and run lol.  Make sure you grab the most needed items first so if your toddler is pitching a fit, you can slip through the till and make your escape.  Splitting your grocery list into 2 or going more often would also help.

5) Ask her to use her indoor voice.  If your child is screaming because she is happy, try not to comment or criticize

If your child is screaming to get her way, don't give in to it.  Once she starts screaming ignore it until she stops.  Once she does stop, you can give her the item she wanted in the first place.  It's a bit of a balancing act.  Good Luck!

Thanks to the Baby Center for the info

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