Baby Shower Ideas For Different Themes

Gifts For Second Baby | Pinterest Board

This Pinterest board has all sorts of gifting ideas for the second child. The second often gets omitted from the traditional baby shower, but there is no way that a person is meeting a brand new baby without some sort of gift in tow. In fact we decided to gear our site towards that second baby because they are so often overlooked. A gift for a second child is usually more personal -like a blanket or toy with the baby's name on it- paired with diapers.  The larger items are passed down to the second baby so the larger items have been already been purchased.

Under The Sea Baby Shower Theme | Pinterest Board

There is a super cute baby shower theme for fans of the sea.  If you were that kid that watched Ariel in "The Little Mermaid", 100 times, this is the theme for you! The ideas for this baby shower are creative and it suits a larger area like a hall or community center because the decorations cover a larger area and are inexpensive.



Ideas For Your Stork Themed Baby Shower | Pinterest Board

This Pinterest Board is dedicated to a very popular baby shower theme featuring storks. The tale of a stork delivering a baby to a loving and well deserved family is common in many cultures.

Parents in Scandinavia needed a goto story when their little ones asked about where babies come from and the stork folktale was it. In many other cultures, storks represent fertility, springtime and good luck. In Ancient Rome and The Netherlands, if a stork built a nest on your roof, it was deemed good luck. In Germany, they are harbingers of good fortune.

The superstitious believed that a stork could make a woman pregnant just by looking at her. Hans Christian Anderson weaved a tale about the folklore in one of his fairy tales titled "The Storks". Just as with many of the Grimm's Brothers Tales, this tale is pretty dark.

There is a mystery surrounding the bird because of their size and migratory patterns.  Let me explain about their size first. It's almost awe-inspiring as they can grow 40-50 inches tall with a wingspan of 61 to 70 inches and can weigh between 5 and 10 pounds -and their nests! They tend to grow their nests year to year and they have become as big as 97 inches in diameter, 6.5 feet high, and weigh between an incredible 1100 and 1980 pounds! In light of this fact, I would have to say that "yes we have been blessed because a stork has nested on the roof of our house" would not be my first thought. 

As to the migration, they migrate south at a time when a lot of women conceive  (during midsummers eve) and they come back 9 months later when the women are ready to give birth.  


Ideas For a Safari Or Jungle Themed Baby Shower

If you have a soft spot for the jungle animals-crocodiles, elephants, giraffes and more, you need to check out this Pinterest board for a large array of ideas to go with your love of this theme.


Fall Baby Shower Theme

This Pinterest board Will Make you Feel Better About Fall Being Just Around the Corner! With all the beautiful colours slowly creeping their way into the trees, summer is quickly exiting.  It is with a heavy heart we bid farewell to summer, but the beautiful decorating ideas to be had with a fall themed baby shower are amazing!

My Enchanted Garden Baby Shower Pinterest Board

My pinterest boards are coming along nicely!  They are inspiring and will give you great ideas on all the ways to make your baby shower awesome!  The first one I'm going to post is probably going to be my favourite as even my wedding was done in an enchanted garden theme.  Hope you enjoy this board.  I will be posting each different theme board to my blog as it is finished.