Tasty Tidbits

One of the best things about a shower is the food!! It really adds to the atmosphere and with just a little imagination, you can create some wonderful dishes.  Only a couple of speciality dishes specifically geared toward babies on your table will give the whole spread a baby feel. As a final touch add cute little labels to each of the items and incorporate anything baby into the names.  If you can't think of a name that has been "babyfied", then a rattle sticker will work great!  Here are a couple pictures for inspiration.


If you choose to have little sandwiches, picking up a little cookie cutter in the shape of a heart or a star or anything that may fit with your theme is a great way to fancy it up.

We also have a couple of items for your food table if you would like.


For more great ideas, check out our Pinterest boards! They have awesome ideas for all things baby shower from food to drink and gifts.

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