Kate's First Official Lil Rocker!

We have some exciting news!

Introducing Kate's first official 'Lil Rocker. Nolan is absolutely adorable and loves the little rocker. His mom has allowed us to Post a few pics because they are so special! 

adorable boy on Baby rocker                                            Adorable baby rocking on frog baby rocker

 Adorable baby on frog baby rocker                                            

I would like to invite all the parents of Kate's little rockers to submit videos of their children rocking on their rockers.  If purchased as a baby gift, we'd love a copy of the baby picture taken with the outfit and rocker or -we have patience - would still love a video when the child reaches of age. I'm going to upload the videos to our you tube channel.

Kate loves to watch you tube videos along with most kids her age. When she is feeling sad, she can pull up the you tube channel and see all the support she has. 



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