Kate's 'Lil Rockers You Tube Channel

We have added a YouTube Channel to our lineup of social sites for two reasons.

1) Our daughter, like most kids, is very much into YouTube.  She loves to watch the toy influencers, the little learning videos and the kids music videos.  With all that she is going through, we thought that she would love her very own YouTube Channel.  We called it Kate's 'Lil Rockers after the toy we had made with her name on it and we have uploaded some of her baby videos so she has some content for her to watch.  The main point of the Channel is for your videos.  Any little video of your child rocking on one of Kate's rockers that we can upload to her channel would be greatly appreciated. When she is feeling sad, she can hop on to her YouTube channel and watch her very own 'Lil Rockers.

2) The second reason it to let customers see Kate's 'Lil Rockers in action. It's a lot easier to visualise from a video than it is from a picture or product photo.

For now, here is a few adorable videos we have uploaded to our channel.





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