Welcoming Home Baby Story


When that special woman in your life has her second baby, you need a specialized gift that says, "Hey! Congrats on your new addition, and here is a little something to help out with the little tyke."

We carry unique congratulatory gifts for the second baby in your life and sibling gifts for the older child as you want to curb the natural urge they have to be jealous. Our vendors are located in the United States. Any issue you may have will be resolved quickly as we will respond promptly to any messages left.   

We've recently had a little girl and as she grows, I will be changing the picture of her on the site. I know that the products on our website would have made me very happy as the mother of a newborn baby-especially being that it was our third child. Oh! Did I say recently? Time goes by so fast, my baby is 2 years old. They are only little for so long and if you don't take advantage of the photo opts, -it's gone- so get that gift (whatever it is) with the cute outfit and snap pics like it's going out of style. Our gifts are created using baby essentials you would otherwise still be purchasing for the new mom to use. The parents of anyone who is about to have or who just had a second baby or babies will be appreciative. All our gifts are targeted to make a big impression and are skillfully created so all the diapers can be used by the newborn's mother.  

For the special women that throw the shower for their best friend, daughter or close co worker, I can guarantee that one of our centrepieces would be the hit of the party.

Welcominghomebaby.com was created to cater to an under-represented group-the second born. When I had my second baby, Ethan, I did not have a baby shower or "Sip and See" as it is known with the second born.  Not a big deal until my oldest is going through his baby book prompting Ethan to ask for his and when he gets to the pages meant for a baby shower, they are blank. The hurt look in his eyes is actually what caused me to create this site. Although, the second born probably has a ton of hand-me-downs from the first baby, he or she deserves a few special items they can call their own and some pictures from a baby shower or "sip-and-see" as it's known for a second born planned just for them. A shower for a new mother -whether it be the first or fifth baby- is a very special day and we want to help make it even more special.