Great Canadian Deals For the Perfect 1st Birthday or Baby Shower Toy


I had always wanted to be a business owner. When we had our third child, Kate, I started on the path to achieve my dream while I was starting maternity leave. I researched and taught myself how to make a Shopify store. In our quest for what would be the best for us to offer, we found the adorable baby gifts that you see on the rest of the site but it was not economic to offer them to Canadians. Our baby gifts are dropshipped in the United States.

After Kate was diagnosed with minimal change disease, a type of nephrotic syndrome, I looked for something that I could be more hands on with as it really looked as if I would need to stay home with her being that she was immune compromised and-as such-not able to go to school. I made a small investment in the sample toys seen here because I noticed that in The States, they were a good price, but in Canada, they were upwards of $150.00 with shipping.

They are imported from China and will be fully certified. With their fantastic colours and how they accommodate up to 80 lbs, they are truly unique toys that kids love and will learn about colors, ABCs and numbers 

Preorder one of Kate's 'Lil Rockers and save with our special pricing that  we are offering as a thank you to all who support us by buying from the presale. If your grandbaby is only 6 months old, perfect! we've got his or her special 1st birthday gift. We need to presell 100 of these ideal 1 year old gifts to get the best price for our customers. Our special pricing will only be available