Gentle Giraffe Diaper Cake


$74.99 USD 


Diaper Cake Description

Standing more than 26" tall, this diaper cake would make an impressive addition to a Safari theme or Jungle theme. Just spotting this on the gift table will cause a bit of a stir as people will come over to examine it. Don't worry, it will hold up to even close scrutiny. The diapers used are domestic- either Pampers, Huggies or Kirkland depending on availability so there is no reason to doubt the quality of them. They will keep your little bundle and the bedding dry. The blanket is soft and touchable and the towel will keep the baby warm after coming out of the sudsy bath. 

Among those items are:

  • a hooded towel
  • baby blanket
  • bib
  • burp pad
  • onesie
  • booties
  • terry toy
  • 12 newborn sized diapers.