Kate's 'Lil Rockers - Charlie the Honey Bee

Welcoming Home Baby

$119.97 USD $137.97 USD


They are amazing looking rocking toys and will make a beautiful baby gift that the baby will have til she or he is 3 years old. If you would like, we have accompanying baby photo props that will be included in the basket of the toy for those special newborn baby pics.. Eventually we hope to fill the basket with other baby outfits, but right now we just need to see if the toy will sell. They can also be used as an older sibling gift. One caution: the baby will need adult supervision to get on and off the toy from at least 9 months until they can safely navigate the toy around 2 years. We strongly suggest the you also keep the baby toy on a matt just in case the toddler should happen to take a tumble as they tend to do.

It plays four catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head forevermore. Sorry not sorry...it's stuck in mine lol! Each toy has a red triangle, a blue circle, a green square, and a yellow star on its head and each one plays a different educational song. Blue circle-colors, green square- ABCS, red triangle-numbers and the yellow star is a catchy song to rock to.The toy has a battery pack in which 3 AA batteries are kept.  In the pictures, you can see the place where they battery pack is accessed.

After about 3 years old, the child can tip the toy backward if they pull hard enough as they become strong rockers. It is generally a gentle fall, but we suggest you just tell them not to pull with all their might. The toy also makes a great chair when they are old enough to watch TV.  

It would also be a great toy to take camping (with the matt of course in case of falls) or to the in-laws. Keeps the child busy and happy.